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Brodrick Lampkin

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On December 15, 1983, Brodrick Reshard Lampkin was born to the late Mr. Nathaniel Lampkin and Cleretta Penson-Lampkin. Brodrick was born and raised in the “City Beautiful”—none other than Orlando, Florida.

Before his birth, Brodrick’s life was almost ended. You may ask how that could be possible. His mother considered having an abortion when she was pregnant with him. She walked into the doctor’s office and prepared for the procedure. All of the doctors told her that she had made the right decision. They told her that she already had one child and was making only a few pennies an hour; an abortion was the best thing for her. Right before the procedure began, something came over his mother. It was almost as if she knew that the life inside her belly was worth living. As if she knew that the unborn child would one day be “Mr. Brody Love”! She decided not to move forward with the abortion and walked out of the abortion clinic. For the first time, Brodrick’s life was saved. Several months later, a healthy baby boy was born.

When Brodrick was two-years old, his life came close to an end once again. He was placed in the care of his aunt while his mother was out working. His aunt locked him down in his car seat while she went in the bathroom to take a shower. Little did she know that just inches away from the seat, there was a rattlesnake. The snake slithered its way towards the car seat. Brodrick’s uncle happened to be watching from outside the house and banged on the door. The snake sensed danger and slithered away from the car seat. His life, once again, was spared.

As he continued to grow up in the “City Beautiful”, Brodrick was raised in low-income housing and neighborhoods. His mother tried her best to take care of him and his siblings. He attended Christian schools all of his childhood life from Kindergarten thru twelfth grade. Throughout his childhood, he always dreamed of becoming a police officer and an actor. Beginning at the age of five, he told his mother of his dreams. He played with police cars often. His mother would tell him that out of the two careers, being a police officer was more realistic. She did not favor the idea of him becoming a police officer because she believed that the career posed a threat to his life. She also thought that becoming an actor was hard to do. But, in spite of all of her opinions and worries, she believed in him! Brodrick’s mother sent him through acting school and the police explorer programs. Some family and friends laughed at his dreams and stated that he needed to choose better career options.

At the age of 18, Brodrick graduated from high school and immediately began pursuing his dreams. He became a security officer and served in that field for six and a half years. At the age of twenty-four, he decided to pursue both dreams at once. He entered police academy and began doing standup comedy.
Since then, both of his dreams have been fulfilled. He is now a full-time police officer and a full-time comedian. As an officer, he works both in and out of the field. He works with youth ages fourteen to twenty-one who are also interested in law enforcement. He helps them build life skills. He has established great leadership skills and could be a potential supervisor.
As a comedian, Mr. Brody Love has made thousands of people laugh. He has performed at major events such as “Chill in the ville” festival in Eatonville, FL. He also performs at Club Koha, The Improv and has even travelled as far as Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; New York, New York; and Atlanta, GA. He continues to network and meet with celebrity stars and tons of comedians. He is currently working on projects that are looking to land him on television with major networks.
Comedy and acting is his real passion. He has been blessed with the gift of making people laugh. He is looking to pursue a professional acting and standup comedy career. B Love Entertainment was founded by Mr. Brodrick Lampkin, himself. The company is dedicated to providing the world with all types of dangerously funny comedy.


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