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  • Damien Haas

    Damien Haas View Profile

  • Aaron Haber

    Aaron Haber View Profile

  • Keith Habersberger

    Keith Habersberger View Profile

  • Azie Habib

    Azie Habib View Profile

  • Nathan Habib

    Nathan Habib View Profile

  • Sandy Hackett

    Sandy Hackett View Profile

    Sandy Hackett son of world-renowned legendary comedian, Buddy Hackett, was inspired at a young age to enter his father's world of comedy. Buddy was a powerful teacher and role model for Hackett. He taught by example, always reading and studying diligently, always re-examining his techniques, and ever the comic-genius guru to comedians old and young alike including his son. Hackett soon learned wh...

  • Tiffany Haddish

    Tiffany Haddish View Profile

    Growing up in foster care in South Central Los Angeles, it was her excessive talking and imaginary friends that prompted her increasingly flustered social worker to steer her to stand-up comedy by enrolling her into the world famous Laugh Factory Comedy Camp for Children.  Tiffany has been making people laugh ever since, appearing on VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” HBO’s &l...

  • Bill Hader

    Bill Hader View Profile

    Cast member of Saturday Night Live, Starred in SuperBad, Pineapple Express, and a variety of other TV and film credits.

  • Jason Hadley

    Jason Hadley View Profile

  • Eric Haft

    Eric Haft View Profile

  • Sam Haft

    Sam Haft View Profile

  • Jason Hagle

    Jason Hagle View Profile

    Jason Hagle has been called one of the best performers in the Midwest. With intelligent, relevant and irrelevant references that bounce between hilarious and sarcastic. Jason is an act that always knocks it out of the park. His animated style keeps audiences engaged and keyed up with laughter.

  • Hallie Haglund

    Hallie Haglund View Profile

     Hallie Haglund was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, where the spectators of her comedic musings were often limited to members of her older sister's glass animal collection. She was thrilled to reach a wider audience in college, as a member of Yale University's all-female sketch group, the Sphincter Troupe. After graduating in 2005, she lived briefly in L.A., working as a page for N...

  •  Hahn

    Hahn View Profile

    Hahn, born and bred on Long Island,has been a regular on the comedy circuit since the late 90's. She has been seen on "Girls Behaving Badly", Dr.Oz,and was voted Long Islands Favorite Funniest Bartender by Newsday. Her high energy show has mass appeal and is geared for a mature audience. Known as "Long Island's Sweetheart", her show always leaves you wanting more! The HAHN SHOW...

  • Eric Hahn

    Eric Hahn View Profile

    Eric Hahn is a hapless waiter/sometimes restaurant manager/comedian/writer/hand model/promiscuis gay guy living and performing in Los Angeles. Eric began performing comedy in 2007 when he was fired by a famous pizza chain restaurant ( hereafter identified only as CPK ) for talking about his experiences as a 10 year manager with said pizza company. Eric is no longer bitter about this and wants to ...

  • Greg Hahn

    Greg Hahn View Profile

    A favorite on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show. He has appeared on Late Night with Conan Obrien, Comedy Central, CBS, ABC, FOX, MTV and CMT. Greg Hahn has parlayed his absurdly energetic, all out style of physical humor, one liners and crowd work, into an act with no waiting for the funny, just immediate pandemonium and panic. His massive likeable and wild stylings have led to nu...

  • Molly Haigh

    Molly Haigh View Profile

  • Roger Hailes

    Roger Hailes View Profile

  • Kent Haines

    Kent Haines View Profile

    Kent Haines is a rising comedian living in Philadelphia. He has appeared on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and performed at the South Beach Comedy Festival. In 2008 he was named Philly’s Phunniest Person by Helium Comedy Club.  

  • Alison Haislip

    Alison Haislip View Profile

  • Diana Hale

    Diana Hale View Profile

  • Brian Haley

    Brian Haley View Profile

    is an American actor and stand-up comedian. His stand-up act is characterized by playing his all-American looks against manic outbursts and absurd situations. As an actor he may be best known for his roles as Veeko the incompetent kidnapper in the John Hughes film Baby's Day Out, the over the top football father Mike Hammersmith (aka Spike's dad) in Little Giants, or Clint Eastwood's son "Mit...

  • Aaron Hall

    Aaron Hall View Profile

  • Arsenio Hall

    Arsenio Hall View Profile

    Arsenio Hall is an American actor, comedian and was the first black late-night talk show host, on his groundbreaking The Arsenio Hall Show. Arsenio Hall is an American actor, comedian and former talk show host. In Chicago, he tried out stand-up comedy and was soon "discovered," later opening for Aretha Franklin and others. He appeared in the 1980s film "Coming to America" an...

  • Claude Hall

    Claude Hall View Profile

    Claude Hall, born in Brooklyn, New York of Haitian parents, moved first to Europe before settling in Los Angeles in 2007. At home, her parents filled the airwaves with either classical or Haitian music while she preferred to immerse herself in the sounds of Ashford and Simpson, George Michael, Chaka Kahn, Sade, Rufus, and Whitney Huston, to name a few. Instinct pushed her to move to Paris and t...

  • Frantz Hall

    Frantz Hall View Profile

  • Frantz G. Hall

    Frantz G. Hall View Profile

    Frantz Hall currently leads a double life. By day he is a Vice President at a major financial institution working on diverse financial and IT based projects, and by night he is one of the co-producers of Qtalk. He spent 20 years earning a living in the arts and, due to a knee injury, spent the last 12 years paying the bills working in corporate America but his passion will always be the arts. He ...

  • Jamie Hall

    Jamie Hall View Profile

      Jamie Hall is an Emmy Nominated Filmmaker, Actor, and Host of the Improvised Music and Comedy event known as BLOUZEFEST LIVE IN 3D!   Jamie has had the privilege of providing cinematography on some of television’s top shows including “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Jeff Dunham Show” for Comedy Central. He’s also been featured in front ...

  • Kevin Scott Hall

    Kevin Scott Hall View Profile

  • Mal Hall

    Mal Hall View Profile

    Comedian Mal Hall has come a long way in a short period of short time. In four years of performing as a comedian, Mal has worked with headliners Dat Phan, Ian Edwards, and Bobby Lee at clubs and colleges across the country. Mal is featured as a regular in studio guest on The Show (KIOZ FM Rock 105.3), and The Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw Morning Show on 100.7 JackFM in San Diego. In January o...

  • Timmy Hall

    Timmy Hall View Profile

    A comic’s comic is the best way to describe Timmy Hall. With a style of his own and the energy that he brings to the stage will make you understand why he is regarded as the next best thing to ever hit the comedy scene. He is also a Baltimore City Police Officer and his take on the police department, the citizens he serve and his roll as a police officer will make you understand why he is definite...

  • Warren B Hall

    Warren B Hall View Profile

    98% Clean After watching Eddie Murphy perform for the first time, Warren B. Hall knew at the age of 10 that he wanted to become a standup comedian. Then, after his mother gave him a good beating for using the 'F-word' while practicing, Hall decided it would be wise to take a cleaner approach to comedy than his often foul-mouthed idol. Hall has worked with the USO tour of the Middle East...

  • Chuck Hall Band

    Chuck Hall Band View Profile

    The Chuck Hall Band creates art in the form of music. The recipe they use is simple: Start with blues that’s so greasy it clogs the arteries in your ears. Stir in generous portions of refined talent and raw passion, add a dash of showmanship sprinkled with a touch of salty humor and cook on high heat until it smokes. Serve steaming hot. The result is a spicy musical feast that satisfies and always...

  • Steve Halligan

    Steve Halligan View Profile

     Runner up in the Best of Boston Comedy contest, Steve Halligan is quickly making a name for himself in the comedy world. Drawing upon his complex life experiences, Steve’s quick wit and charm has made him an audience favorite. As a regular at the Beantown Comedy Vault, Steve has worked with some of the finest and most respected comics in the industry including Dick Doherty, Dave Russo,...

  • Shawn Halpin

    Shawn Halpin View Profile

    Shawn Halpin started his Comedy career in Dallas. Since moving to LA Shawn became the feature act for Pauly Shore on the "The Pauly Shore Tour", and for Tom Green on the "The Tom Green World Stand Up Comedy Tour”. Shawn has also performed in the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival and is a regular at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollyw...

  • Slade Ham

    Slade Ham View Profile

    Watching Slade Ham perform is somewhat akin to getting hit in the face with a really, really funny baseball bat. He has spent the last decade carving a very noticeable niche for himself in the stand up comedy world. Slade averages 200 shows a year in the United States and he’s performed in twenty?two different countries hour Redemption also features original music from Kevin Martin of Candle...

  • Sigali Hamberger

    Sigali Hamberger View Profile

      Time Out New York says: “Sigali Hamberger has a name out of Mad magazine but a voice and carriage out of a vintage edition of Vogue” Cabaret Scenes called her 2010 Metropolitan Room debut “impressive,” praising her “grace, charm, and good instincts,” and adding that “she'll have us “all on the run” to catch one of her next shows! Theate...

  • Neil Hamburger

    Neil Hamburger View Profile

    Hamburger's jokes range from variations of "Why did the chicken cross the road?" to celebrity targets, such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Jackson, and Diana, Princess of Wales, to jokes about his ex-wife. His pacing is off, and he clears his throat nonstop through his entire routine (often to keep overzealous fans from shouting out his punchlines), which has c...

  • Tissa Hami

    Tissa Hami View Profile

    Tissa grew up in a traditional Iranian family in a predominantly white suburb of Boston. In March 2010, the San Francisco Chronicle named Tissa one of the Top 11 female comedians in the country. Her unique act and fresh perspective on life as an Iranian-American woman leave audiences in shock and awe. From Islamic fundamentalists to white liberals to good old-fashioned racists, no one is safe from...

  • Mark Hamill

    Mark Hamill View Profile

    Mark became an international pop-culture icon as Luke Skywalker in George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy. His diverse career as a performer has encompassed television, movies, and Broadway. More recently, he has branched out creatively as a writer, producer, and director. Mark made his Broadway debut in the title role of The Elephant Man. He then played Mozart in the first National Tour of ...

  • Argus Hamilton

    Argus Hamilton View Profile

    Who is Argus Hamilton, and why is everybody quoting him? Meet the funniest topical comedian in America, the man Robin Williams once called "the Will Rogers of the Baby Boom." Argus Hamilton's daily column of jokes on the news, now carried in over 100 newspapers across the United States, is also read and heard by millions on the Internet and on radio stations across the country. ...

  • Ashley Hamilton

    Ashley Hamilton View Profile

    Actor, songwriter, comedian and son of former Dancing with the Stars contestant George Hamilton, Ashley is a multi-talented, multi-hyphenate with experience in film, comedy and television.   An accomplished singer Ashley had a 2003 Top 20 single released by Sony, and as a songwriter, co-wrote the Top 10 Robbie Williams hit “Come Undone.” He also has writing credits for Hilary Du...

  • Boris Hamilton

    Boris Hamilton View Profile

  • DK Hamilton

    DK Hamilton View Profile

    A “student of human behavior,” D.K. Hamilton is a comedy club favorite, entertaining audiences with his unique, smart, and sardonic takes on pop culture, race, and relationships. Named “Funniest Person in Grand Rapids” by Grand Rapids Magazine for two consecutive years and featured in its March 2013 issue, D. K. finds humor in examining the things that we secretly believe but are too polite to say...

  • Ellis Hamilton

    Ellis Hamilton View Profile

  • Heidi Hamilton

    Heidi Hamilton View Profile

    Heidi Hamilton of the Heidi & Frank show is the girl next door who is just one of the guys. She's the kind of girl who can dress up and look like a lady on Saturday night but call her on Sunday morning and she'll help you move a couch too. Heidi thinks of Frank as an older brother who she loves, but would sometimes like to strangle. Heidi has a laugh that people either love or hate, but you can...

  • Jim Hamilton

    Jim Hamilton View Profile

    Jim Hamilton is the protagonist of "The Hamilton Patent Moon" by Hayden Carruth. Copyright law being what it is today, no portions of that story will be reprinted here. You can find it in the Harper's New Monthly Magazine from May of 1899. Actually, I don't think that's the same Jim Hamilton.

  • Ryan Hamilton

    Ryan Hamilton View Profile

    Named one of Rolling Stone’s five comics to watch, Ryan’s appearances on NBC's Last Comic Standing, Conan, Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, and the Showtime special Caroline Rhea and Friends, Ryan is on his way to establishing himself as one of the country's favorite stand-ups. With immediate comic charisma and a crisp, clean writing style, Ryan is sought after for h...

  • George Hamm

    George Hamm View Profile

    Comedian George Hamm is well known to Maine audiences as a frequent visitor to Portland’s Comedy Connection. Hamm has performed his comedy routines across the U.S. including the Bellagio in Las Vegas, the Improv in Los Angeles, The Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory in Hollywood and the Laugh Factory in Hawaii. In the past few years George has taken his act international, performing comedy t...

  • Kelly Hammack

    Kelly Hammack View Profile

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