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  • Augie T

    Augie T View Profile

    The entrepreneurial stand-up comedian, knows the value of solidarity and unity for stand-up comics especially in a time of economic challenges. A big fan of the laugh-makers who preceded him, Augie ? gured the time was ripe for a gathering of the giants. So he formed Na Alii of Comedy, a collaborative tour with the Island comics he used to admire and mimic as a kid, inviting four “royalty” of the ...

  • Ratana T

    Ratana T View Profile

    Ratana grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, where her love of singing, dancing and performing was mostly relegated to the shower and the occasional high school musical. An avid cartoon watcher, she also loved mimicking her favorite characters (on TV and in life). All of these talents finally merged when Ratana grew up….and went to business school at the UCLA Anderson School of Manag...

  • Brandon T. Jackson

    Brandon T. Jackson View Profile

    Brandon T. Jackson is a multifaceted young actor carving his own path in Hollywood. Earning critical praise at every step, he started out in stand-up and has evolved into a burgeoning young film star. This past winter Fox studio’s released the third incarnation of the highly profitable “Big Momma’s House” franchise. Jackson starred opposite Martin Lawrence as the two wen...

  • Chris Tabb

    Chris Tabb View Profile

  • Jennie Taber

    Jennie Taber View Profile

    Jennie Taber, a native Los Angeleno, has been performing improv for 12 years, starting at her Alma Mater, Columbia University, in the esteemed improv group "Two Left Feet." She had studied at both Groundlings and Second City, and has been seen on TV's "Seeing Stars" and in the indie movie "Insanitarium." She is also a featured player on Jennie is delig...


    ERIK TAIT View Profile

  • Aaron Takahashi

    Aaron Takahashi View Profile

    Aaron Takahashi appeared on the big screen starring opposite Jim Carrey in the movie "Yes Man", and can be seen in national TV commercials for dozens products. Seriously, if you have a TV, you've seen Aaron in a commercial - probably in the last 10 minutes. And yes, he was the guy in the Amp’d Mobile commercial rapping to himself in a public restroom before getting caught. Other fi...

  • Marc Takemiya

    Marc Takemiya View Profile

  • Amir Talai

    Amir Talai View Profile

     Amir Talai is a San Francisco native who went to Lowell High School and UC Berkeley. Since moving to LA 10 years ago, he has become one of LA's most recognizable brown guys, being seen in numerous commercials, TV shows, and the films Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay and What to Expect When You're Expecting, opposite Chris Rock and Jennifer Lopez. Amir's on Twitter. Probably right ...

  • Jimmy Talarico

    Jimmy Talarico View Profile

    Onstage, Jimmy tends to be slightly irritated and dark - stroke victims, molesting uncles, and grieving celebrity moms are all on deck during his act.  On any given night, even he isn't sure what hidden part of his past might come to fruition onstage.  The result? Hilarity in the form of brutally honest and personal, i...


    CHARLIE TALBERT View Profile

    Charlie Talbert, besides relationships, is a master of Both stage and screen... also the smaller screen of Television as well as the even tinier screen of mobile phones. Having starred in "Charlie Talbert Show" for CBS Mobile and Newline's "Angus" also lending is talents to over 60 plus characters in between. This highway to mediocrity has only one lane and Charlie's twist...

  • Tommy Tallarino

    Tommy Tallarino View Profile

    THE TOMMY TALLARINO STORY Tommy Tallarino is an actor/comedian currently appearing on the new HBO series Luck, produced by Michael Mann and starring Dustin Hoffman and Dennis Farina. As an actor Tommy has built his resume the recurring performances on Luck as well as recent appearances on the legendary soap General Hospital, of which he claims, “I could win an academy award but my mother wo...

  • Chris Tallman

    Chris Tallman View Profile

    Chris Tallman (September 22, 1970) is an American actor that hosted the show Crossballs. Tallman is also a personality of Channel 101 that created the series Timebelt. He has guest-starred in TV shows like House, Reno 911!, and the short-lived Emily's Reasons Why Not. Chris is an ensemble cast member of NBC's improvised comedy show Thank God You're Here, which showcases the improvisational...

  • Timmy Tamisiea

    Timmy Tamisiea View Profile

  • Aiko Tanaka

    Aiko Tanaka View Profile

  • Whiskey Tango PHX

    Whiskey Tango PHX View Profile

    THE Rock N’ Roll hits cover band for Phoenix Arizona. We are a four piece group dedicated to providing live entertainment for all events! Bars, corporate events & hotels, no venue is complete without having tasted the sweet music of Whiskey Tango. We can bring fun and excitement to you and your patrons all night with our talented group of practiced musicians. So let’s get the party...

  • Mouth Tape

    Mouth Tape View Profile

    Mouth Tape was founded by Matthew Silva and Gabriel Salazar in November of 2012 as an acoustic duo. Playing together in a full band under the name The Chest Rockwell Band, with bassist Matt Mikulicz, Mouth Tape's potential for growth was realized due to Chest Rockwell's naming conflicts with other bands. Mouth Tape In July 2013, Steven Marinaro joined the band, taking over duties on the ...

  • Travis Tapleshay

    Travis Tapleshay View Profile



    Eric Tartaglione is is a fast rising, high-energy comic with a very physically expressive, clean act. He has an extreme degree of likeability with a variety of audiences, as comfortable with a college crowd as he is with a retirement party.He loves to poke fun at his Italian background, his shortcomings as well as the trials and tribulations of married life, being a dad, and turning 50. Eric has b...

  • Gabby Tary

    Gabby Tary View Profile

    Gabby Tary is known for 'Aimy in a Cage' (2014) a feature film directed by Hooroo Jackson, co-stared in 'The Harvest' (2006) and an Emmy nominee for her work behind the scene for a daytime Emmy award winning show 'The American Woman: Portraits of Courage' Gabby also appeared in TV Shows and Commercials, the first Arsenio Hall Show, Gateway Commercial and Fox Sports News, just to name a few. ...

  • Nahreen Tarzi

    Nahreen Tarzi View Profile

  • Brad Tassell

    Brad Tassell View Profile

    If you like your comedy positive, hilarious, crazy, silly, value oriented, and for everybody then BRAD's show is for you! Accolades Awards Associations 2010 Pinnacle award for speakers Carnival Cruiseline highest rated comedian by passenger ratings. 2007, 2010 2007 Award Top Choice Best reviewed novel 2004 Comedy CD nominated for an Independant Music award for Best Comedy Album Where have y...

  • KT Tatara

    KT Tatara View Profile

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  • geoff tate

    geoff tate View Profile

    When college doesn’t appeal to you, you can’t find a good job, and you have a hard time passing drug tests, you’re really only left with one career option, stand-up comedy. Geoff Tate discovered this life path only a few short years ago but is already making it work for him. He toured the country as part of the Comedy Central Live Presents’ Mike Birbiglia’s Secr...

  • Jimmy Tatro

    Jimmy Tatro View Profile

    Actor/comedian/writer/producer Jimmy Tatro is the creator and star of the acclaimed YouTube channel, LIFE ACCORDING TO JIMMY, where his sketch comedy videos have accumulated over 245 million views and 2.3 million subscribers to date. Tatro writes, produces, directs and stars in each of the videos he releases, including viral hits such as GYM ETIQUETTE  and CAMPUS POLICE, which have influenced...

  • Jim Tavare

    Jim Tavare View Profile

    Jim Tavaré is an internationally acclaimed actor and comedian with a highly distinguished career. Jim co-wrote and starred in ITV's 'The Sketch Show', which won a BAFTA and syndicated worldwide. To date, ?The Sketch Show? has been remade for audiences in seven different countries. He wrote and starred in six highly acclaimed short silent films for BBC2 called 'Jim Tavaré Pictures Presents'. ...

  • Mike Tavcar

    Mike Tavcar View Profile

  • Cathy Taylor

    Cathy Taylor View Profile

    A native Texan, I grew up in the land of big hair, beauty pageants, firearms and cheerleading. I’ve been a high school teacher, a bank teller, a waitress, a corporate cashier, a store clerk and a temp. I’ve worked in the corporate world ? everything from answering phones to moving money. I’ve been a singer, a comic, an actress, a writer and a dreamer. I run. I write. I sing. I worry. Ironically, ...

  • David Taylor

    David Taylor View Profile

  • David J. Taylor

    David J. Taylor View Profile

    David Taylor is a Los Angeles based standup comedian, actor and writer. He is known for his acerbic comedic persona, intellectual material and his interviewing/skewing of celebrities on stage at his shows at the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. David is a former scientist, computer programmer and internet millionaire.

  • Dean Taylor

    Dean Taylor View Profile

     I tell jokes and write sketches. Sometimes people laugh.

  • Deanthony Taylor

    Deanthony Taylor View Profile

  • Grant Taylor

    Grant Taylor View Profile

    Grant Taylor is an amazing comedian who always excites the crowd.

  • James Arnold Taylor

    James Arnold Taylor View Profile

    James Arnold Taylor is an actor, entertainer, host/emcee for the Comic Con generation. He is one of the most versatile Voice-Actors in Hollywood today known world wide within the video game and animation communities, as well as an established event host for Disney, Lucasfilm, Square Enix and the USO.   Voicing cartoon legends such as Fred Flintstone, Huckleberry Hound, Wile E. Coyote,...

  • Jason Taylor

    Jason Taylor View Profile

  • Jim Taylor

    Jim Taylor View Profile

    Whether on a comedy club stage or at an industrial or corporate venue, this former radio talk show host is at home. Jim has shared a stage with a variety of performers, from Judy Tenuta to Jim Breuer. On his comedy talk show Jim's guests included Jeff Foxworthy, Bobby Slayton, Kathleen Madigan and Weird Al Yankovik. He has performed at countless fundraisers, charity events and auctions ...

  • Kelly Taylor

    Kelly Taylor View Profile

    From the first time stepping on stage it was only 9 short months later that Kelly was headling. In just his second year of comedy, Kelly Taylor shocked the comedy industry by placing second in the prestigious Just for Laughs Homegrown competition. Competing against comics who have been in the business for ten plus years, Kelly Taylor firmly made his mark at JFL. His performance did not go unnotice...

  • Kristine Taylor

    Kristine Taylor View Profile

    Hailing from Boston is the self proclaimed Crazy, Sexy, Cool, Bad Girl who has been working in L.A. over the last 8 years as a comedian and actress. Having performed across the country, she is now a regular in the Los Angeles area where you can catch her playing her bongos and doing a great Traci Chapman impersonation. Kristine is also an actress with credits on TLC, and Discovery H...

  • Mark Craig Taylor

    Mark Craig Taylor View Profile

  • Matt Taylor

    Matt Taylor View Profile

    contact STL for booking: contact MTP Comedy for coaching: ABOUT mat...

  • Maureen Taylor

    Maureen Taylor View Profile

  • Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor View Profile

    Sarah Taylor is a comedian, actor, writer and meditation teacher living in Los Angeles.   Sarah performs at all the top comedy clubs including The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store and many other venues that serve fried food and charge a two drink minimum. She has graced stages all over the world from The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. to The Volksbuhne Theatre in Berlin ...

  • Simon Taylor

    Simon Taylor View Profile

    Simon Taylor is a full-time entertainer and writer. He performs stand-up comedy, close-up magic and is an experienced MC. He writes Moral Melbourne for Beat Magazine, is the host of radio podcast Manthropology and is the creator of Flim-Flam comic. Simon is also a board member of The Rationalist Society of Australia.

  • Vince Taylor

    Vince Taylor View Profile

    A natural entertainer, Vince has gone from putting on shows for his parents in the living room at six years old to appearing on BET's College Tour and sharing the stage with a number of hot comedians including Tony Rock, Michael Blackson, Guy Torre, Carlos Mencia and more.  Born in Albany, GA, raised in St. Louis, MO, and finally settling down in Central Florida, Vince is the son of two m...

  • Von Taylor

    Von Taylor View Profile

    My name is Von Taylor, comedian extraordinaire . I have been performing about four years in the Houston area ...I have performed at the Laff Stop several times and the World Famous Comedy Store in L.A., The Improv and various other venues throughout the Houston metro areaa. My comedy can be best described as observational. My skewed view on politics, media, pop culture, family, and people as a who...

  • PAP Team

    PAP Team View Profile

  • Swim Team

    Swim Team View Profile

    Swim Team is an all-female team from San Diego. They are crazy enough to hold their breath on stage longer than it take to dive to the bottom of a pool. Be prepared for strong female viewpoints and spontaneous "choreographed" swimming to Eye of The Tiger. Cast includes Amy Lisewski, Christine Fairfax, Vanessa Anton, Maria Angelella, Kat Brown, Jewell Karinen, and guests.

  • Awet Teame

    Awet Teame View Profile

    Awet Teame is an Eritrean, East African Comedienne with a Bostonian edge. She talks a little about being born in Eritrea, then coming to the States only to discover no one including herself, knew where her country was on the map. She has a typical Eritrean mom whom she had to constantly explain she wasn't changing the channel at every commercial. An Emerson College Alumnae who moved to LA to pu...

  • Amy Tee

    Amy Tee View Profile

    Amy Tee presents chemical-free comedy, taking self-help to hilarious new heights. “Not every crazy looks crazy!” Amy brings boyish charm and dry wit to her experiences with alcoholism, bi-polar disorder and, on the road to recovery, & delivers comedy with stigma-busting honesty.

  • Balir Tefkin

    Balir Tefkin View Profile

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